Exploring Cartagena


The beautiful city of Cartagena lies on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and is one of the best preserved colonial cities in the America’s and a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Wrapped in a massive stone wall, the fortified city is filled with beautiful churches, cobbled squares and 18th century houses adorned …

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Street Art in Cartagena

Lisa enjoying massive Street Art in Cartagena

The streets of Cartagena are beautiful, and not just because of the gorgeously preserved colonial buildings. Wherever you go, the city is filled with fabulous street art. From the famous reclining fat lady by Fernando Botero, to the monumental Pegasus sculptures which flank one side of the old port, there …

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Reached Colombia !

After an amazing 3 weeks express visit to most of central America — Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, we took the plane this morning from San Jose, Costa Rica to start off the first leg of our South American journey. We’ll be in this continent for till End of June. We just reached Bogota and waiting for our next flight to go to Cartagena where we are looking forward to travel to and attend the one of the World’s biggest Carnival in Barranquilla.

Thermal fun at Baldi Hot Springs

A side-effect of the prominent volcanic activity in the Arenal area, is the proliferation of hot spring resorts and spas. Fissures in the earths surface allow water to seep down to the heated vents and chambers of the volcano, this super-heated and pressurized water is then forced back up to …

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